XDJ R1 or MC6000 MK2

Dear all,

I am planning to buy a controller for Ultramixer. I have 2 options on my wishlist:

  1. Denon MC6000 MK2
  2. Pioneer XDJ R1

What is the controller you can recommend and why?

Kind regards


MC6000 MK2…because it has 4 channels…good quality…mic input…mic eq… and a very good MIDI mapping for UltraMixer 4.1 Pro.


I was able to test a XDJ r1 with Ultramixer. This controller should be supported by Ultramixer.
By my opinion it is not supported at all. Not even the channel faders are working. It should be better to remove this controller from your list and otherwise the support has to be a lot better.
It was very disappointing…