WMA Problems

Hi folks.

Thanks for developing what looks to be a great start !

I just installed Ultramixer on my desktop, and it’s playing MP3 files just fine.

I also installed it on my laptop, and on thatputer I have nothing but WMA files (due to storage constraints). These are WMA files that I converted myself using dbPoweramp v.11. Since I converted these myself, there shouldn’t be any DRM involved.

I’ve uploaded a sample WMA that I’m using to my website so that the gurus around here can check it out and see if anyone can determine what’s happening …


Hopefully someone can figure this out.

If you need any further information or other samples to inspect, please let me know. I’ll be glad to help anyway I possibly can.


– Brent

Hi Brent,

  1. Where did you upload your WMA-file?
  2. It’s not allow to advertise websites in our forum. For that reason we have removed your links - sorry. If you want to advertise on ultramixer.com, please contact us by mail.