Wiedergabe von Flac Dateien

Wie bringe ich dem Programm bei, Flac Dateien wiederzugeben?

Hi hasenmann,

you just you flac-files into one player :wink: If it doesn’t work please drop us an info.


thank you very much for your prompt reply.

When I tried at the firts time the ultramixer can´t open the flac files.
Now I tried the second time and the ultramixer opened the files, showes also the track and album name and the play length and started to play.

But, i´m sorry to inform you that the music sounds interrupted in very short steps.

I use the open source flac encoder in the newest version as an external encoder with EAC Exact Audio Copy.

Do you have any idea to solve the problem?


I tried also with MP3 files: no problem
and with WAV files: no problem

May be that this is important for you to know:

the configuration of EAC and the flac encoder is as follows:

EAC Auslese-Logdatei vom 17. August 2006, 21:15 für CD
Mary J. Blige / No More Drama

Benutztes Laufwerk : PLEXTOR CD-R PX-230A Adapter: 2 ID: 1
Lesemodus : Sicher mit C2, Accurate Stream, Puffer abgeschaltet
Leseoffset Korrektur : 0
Überlesen in das Lead-In und Lead-Out : Nein

Benutztes Ausgabeformat : E:\PROGRAMME\Exact Audio Copy\bin\flac.exe (Benutzerdefinierter Komprimierer)
320 kBit/s
Zusätzliche Kommandozeilenoptionen : -5 -V -T “artist=%a” -T “title=%t” -T “album=%g” -T “date=%y” -T “tracknumber=%n” -T “genre=%m” %s -o %d

Andere Einstellungen :
Fülle fehlende Offsetsample mit Stille auf : Ja
Lösche führende und nachfolgende stille Blöcke : Nein
Installierte externe ASPI Schnittstelle

Best Regards,

Hi hasenmann,

we’ll take a look at this issue.


I have the very same problem. I use a notebook Samsung X10plus with 1700Mhz Centrino. As a player, I use Foobar (which is my only FLAC decoder and it works perfectly), also ripped with EAC.
The stuttering is very fast (like “clicks” approx. 2 per second) seems to correspond to the access to the hard disk. Also java reports a problem after ca. 1 minute of play time and must be shut down. As soon as I click ok, Ultramixer is shut down, too, of course.
I noticed that even when no song is playing, the cpu usage is 40% and rises to 70% when 2 songs are playing. This is also true for MP3 as well as FLAC.


Hi tempe,

that means your problem is not FLAC. It is a problem that’s independent from the used file format. Currently I have no idea what this issue causes on your system. The only thing I know is Centrino has many power states. Could you please try UltraMixer with your power cordle attached? This will probably disable the power-saving states of the CPU and you might get the entire CPU speed.



I try to explain it in english especially for the admins here but sorry…my english is awful :blush: .
I read the word “flac” and I´m very busy in working with all audiofiles that does exist on earth. No file-format makes any problems but nly these flac-files (they seems to me sometimes like X-files…very strange…). The only player that is able to encode those flac-files nearly correct is named “VCL-Media-Player” (you should google for VCL). But also the VCL-Player does not play every flacfile or stops in the middle of a song or so.

The same happens with some flac-plugins for Winamp. Whoever did create flac should be hang up like Bill Gates for Windows… :smiling_imp: .

When I find a solve for this problem I´ll tell it promptly in this forum.

Greetings from germany


Hi Sl@jaR,

thanks for your quick reply. I’ve did some more testing and made sure that the CPU is running full speed. But the problem won’t disappear. As I mentioned before, with MP3, Ultramixer runs smoothly. So I really assume it’s a FLAC issue. And also, there is this strange “Java has a problem and needs to shut down”.
I’ll do some more testing, maybe with sound drivers and my desktop computer, but since I intend to take my laptop to parties, I’d very much prefer the mobile solution.


I tested the same with my desktop system: same result. CPU usage 15% without any song playing, stuttering with FLAC and java runtime error when moving within the song with the slider. MP3 runs fine but also takes 25% CPU usage which seems a lot to me.


Hi tempe,

It’s too much! On our Intel 3Ghz system with Win2000, UltraMixer takes round about 1-4% CPU while playing a song!

Please tell us somehting about your system configuration…

I’ll switch to the other stuttering issue thread so that we don’t discuss everything twice…