Why double playlist?

I think that a playlist for each player is not very simple to manage, for example in auto dj mode you must be careful to put next song in the correct place…

A unique playlist would me more intuitive and it would be enough! :wink:

When you load a track directly on the deck, I wouldn’t show it in the playlist…

I’d make so:

DECK stopped:

  • Drag n drop a track in playlist --> add to playlist
  • Drag n drop a track on reader —> begin playing, not shown in playlist

DECK (playing or paused):

  • Drag n drop a track in playlist --> add to playlist (why is it asked now to stop current song??)
  • Drag n drop a track on reader —> ask confirmation, if yes begin playing discarding previous track, not shown in playlist.

I think it’s more intuitive.

yes i see what you mean thats a little like what happens in bpm studio

2 players

2 waiting lists

1 major list with all your songs in catagorised into folders

very simple idea

maybe ???

Two playlists are great for actually seeing what’s coming up and when. Similar to a dual CD Deck. I’ve searched for hours trying to find a program with two seperate decks and playlists. Ultramixer is the Best.


we will integrate a one-table-wait-list in of the next versions…