Where to find AGC in V5.0.2 ??

Hello ,

I have sinds recently ultra mixxer V 5.0.2.

And i cant find the AGC … ???

And where do i find a tool to make it posible to corect automaticaly the gain when in AUTO DJ “mode”


Grtn MArk from Holland
sorry for my bad english

The AGC can be found in the Master section and it is named AGC :slight_smile:

Hi Matthias, where is the master section, can you link me to it?

The master section you’ll find on bottom of UltraMixer where the buttons “Mixer”, “Archive” and “Master” are placed.

AGC is only available in UltraMixer Pro Entertain.

Thanks for the clarification that AGC is only available in UltraMixer Pro Entertain. I was just confused about it.

Oh! Think I should upgrade to the Pro version.

In this paper, an automatic gain control scheme is first proposed for phenq analyses and designs of unity

allows a microphone’s signal to automatically adjust to compensate for variations in volume from different talkers

These are the best thinks but those variations are not taking place easily in different talks

AGC is only available in Ultra Mixer and you’ll find On this button

AGC is NOT ONLY to be found in Ultra Mixxer ! BPM studio has it also.