where are all the good things from BPM STUDIO ???

Hello ,

Can sombody tell my where is the printing option ?
How can i put my samples in the sampler?
Where is the sample maker ?
and where is the little music player that did open when you “klik” a song random in the harddrive ?
the extra player for the internal cd player in my pc/laptop ?

Greetings Mark


  1. Simple export your filearchive as Excel or CSV file and print it!

  2. right click on sample button or via drag’n’drop from archive.

  3. To edit samples please use an external editor like “Audacity”.

  4. Just press “space” on a song in a list.

  5. No need for extra player. Just use the any player using for MP3 playback.

Best regards,

Hello Tobi…

I ask again : where is all the good stuff from BPM studio???

i like the inturnel print program from BPM much more … its isier and simple and have everyting you need >…
Now with Ultra mixxer i need to go to an exturnel program, much more complicated much more time , much more problems …

finaly it works …ok thanks for that

so again ultramixxer don’t have a nice inturnel program like BPM studio have …

4 NO ! ( i think we mis comunicate on this one , what i mean is that with installing BPM , an external litlle player comes along ( like the really old WINAP sice ) … whitout opening BPM studio i go thru my hard disc files and klik yust on any song that comes pas … it opens outomaticely in this little player )
I dont see this by Ultra mixxer …
It came in so handy whin looking thru my files directly in my hard disc … Now i open it outomaticly with windows media player …or any other program ( thats wy to big ) BPM had such a nice small player …))

Yes i need it so much , for carn perpose and so on … BPM could handle 2 players ( the normal ones that are there left and richt , and i could swith easely in BPM to the internal cd player on my laptop , to have a thirt player on my external soundcard …
Now if i want to play a song of a cd i have to copy it first to my hard disc before it is posible !

and i have a 6e question :

With BPM also came an internel copie funktion to copie any song from cd into my laptop
is that also on Ultra mixxer ???

Grtn Mark