Wanted: Who uses UltraMixer and a DJ-Controller ?

We are looking for stories about using the UltraMixer in conjunction with a DJ-Controller like the Hercules DJ Console or the Behringer BCD2000?

We haven’t published a tutorial yet, but there are great opportunities to control UltraMixer with these two dj controllers - and a lot of hidden features

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Hello! I have a BCD2000 midi-controller and I tried using it with your soft. I can firmly say that’s great there’s no problems with jog wheels in opposite to Traktor BUT to my pity sound breaks in few minutes after playing begins. It seems like it happens only when my controller is connected. Possibly there’s a trick with audio setup…By the way the latency is pretty sensible (especialy when you press a KILL buttons) but i suppose it’s not concerned with controller - when i just play without it using mouse - the latency the same high. So maybe you would be so kind to advise me something.
Anyway thanx for your work - i’m a linux fan but I have to use XP because of soft like Samplitude, Reaktor or Traktor. So your Java multiplatform solution can have a future.
Waiting for your answer.

Hi jazzy,

you should probably decrease the DSP-Buffersize in the setup dialog. I think 4 must be enough for a well suited PC nowadays Smilie Here on my AMD64 (3Ghz) I can decrease all these values to it’s minimum in the setup dialog and I get the best latency. The default values are adjusted for slower PC systems so UltraMixer runs still smoothly.


Thank you for attention to my post

Actualy, I tried working on minimum levels of audio-engine setup features. Performance is quite good but level indicators still looks kind of frozen. Another problem is that if touch a seeker sound begin to crack( But it’s not a great problem i suppose for topic dedicated to BCD-2000. I want to accent your attention to strange work of Ultramixer and BCD together.
Maybe my laptop Dell Latitude (pentium M 1.6, 512M RAM) is not a great one at all but situatuion is like that

B-DJ + BCD works excellent
Traktor 3 + BCD + patches for wheels - good but time after time sound breaks but continues after approx. 2 sec
Virtual DJ + BCD - real bad
UltraMixer - sound fails at all after approx. minute of djing

By the way - i tried to play through laptop’s on-board card but with BCD as just controller - it works good, but after several minutes it suddenly begin to sound like Nyquist freq. decreases
iiiiiittt’’'s__sss___a_a_a __won__dddd__e_e_rrr_ful__wor__ld_ld_ld
like diz)
PS I will try different hardware/software combinations on other computers

Hi Jazzy,

On our test environment there is no problem with the bcd2000. Everything works fine. So which sound system do you use? Have you tried the ASIO system?

Btw: You can control the FileArchive and the Playlist with the jogwheels, did you try this?



  • In addition of exploiting BDC I want to say you should mark somewhere that device must be set in ADVANCED mode only. As for me, it’s easier to work on B-DJ mode and it’s impossible to play it normal here if this mode is switched.
  • Jogwheel works really good…i am bored of that problems with Traktor so after it that’s nice
  • Performance still latent( though me using ASIO drivers. The worst ones are quick searching (it breaks sound for a while) and looping…you never know where is the loop ends…it can’t catch a rythm figure what i want to.

Hi Jazzy,

We can confirm the described issue: The Behringer device stops the sound output after an undefined period of time… We are looking for the reason…

Hello! Thank you for paying attention to my requests. I see this feedback works. Now I gonna try your new update. It’s cool that searching line bug is fixed.
By the way - maybe I could be helpful in Russian localization of UltraMixer. Actually 'tis my native language.)

Hi jazzy,

I’ll write you an private message concerning translation to russian.


Ok! I’ve translated it and wrote a short answer for you.

Well, what I’ve noticed more in UltraMixer:

  • i can’t find how to perform a midi-learn. Key learn doesn’t listen to midi(
  • what do you think about scratch imitation?
  • when I press >> key on BCD it works, but when I press << it does not.
    Since I see no possibility to make midi-learn I advise you to asign it
  • +pitch and -pitch are not assigned for BCD
  • Looping still wonders me. When I press IN and then OUT and then LOOP it catches some different range from chosen(
  • little miss > check the line in playlist - NR-ARTIST-TITLE-BPM-LEN. As i noticed, BPM always shows 0.0. Always)

Hello guys! Long time no see) So I just have downloaded a new version - a great respect!! Now i’m djing on my BCD for a sensible period of time - no bad stuff happened. Perfomance is clear and MIDI doesn’t fails at all. Peakmeters work much faster. Seek and everything too. That’s great!

The only bad moment I’ve noticed is a LOOPing. Manually - i mean with keyboard+mouse controll - it works good BUT if I press IN and OUT/LOOP on my BCD controller - i loose sound, it doesnt’s stop cos if i press OUT/LOOP again it continues according to time…so problem is that if to make loop through BCD sound disappears.

Anyway, i hope that fixing of this bug isn’t really difficult. Present version is much more better than previous. BCD-2000 + ULTRAMIXER it works. Now i believe it. Just fix for a while :wink:


Hi Jazzy,

Thanks for your report and your commandation. We’ll ceck the loop issue…

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