Waitlist and pitch setting

Hi. I’m new to Ultramixer. It looks a really good program and I intend to try it out fully.

For me an important feature is to be able to play automatically from just one playlist, rather than putting the songs alternately in the left and right players. I understand that you are calling this feature the “waitlist”.

When you implement this feature, it would be really good if you could store a separate pitch setting for each song in the list. Then you could play the list automatically with, for example, song number 3 playing at +5% and song number 7 at -3%. Is this possible?

Also, on the website there is not much information about the features of the program. I am left with a lot of unanswered questions. For example, What type of files can it play? I can see MP3 and AAC, but will it play WMA and WAV? I don’t expect it will play anything with DRM, but there is no information about this. Also the different fading options and automation features are not explained.

Maybe if you could put the manual online all would become clear.

Thanks for your help. tenbob0

Hello tenbob0,

the waitlist is already under construction :slight_smile: So it’s going to be released in one of the upcomming versions. Could you please clarify your feature request of a predefined pitch selection? I don’t get the point right now.

UltraMixer aim to support as much file format as possible. We are always working on new file formats. Actually, you are right DRM isn’t supported right now. We do support mp3, mp2, mp1, ogg, wav, mo3, it, xm, s3m, mtm, mod, umx, cda, wma, mid, flac, aiff, aif and m4a. I propose you just try it :slight_smile:


Hi Sl@jaR. Thanks for your reply. I will try to clarify my question.

For a night of dancing we want to play a sequence of songs automatically from a playlist. We don’t really need any fancy features for beat mixing. But we do need to play certain songs at a different pitch from standard.

The DJ sitting in front of the PC could change the pitch control manually when the song starts. However, we want the pitch to change automatically according to a field you have set in the playlist. When each song starts it automatically sets the pitch to the value the DJ has set up beforehand. This allows completely unattended operation.

Is this possible?

Thanks for your comments on file types, etc. This is very helpful.


Hello tenbob0,

that means you want to make it really automatically running. I am quite sure we can provide this feature in the future. May I ask you what your application is? Are you a classical DJ or is it something about supersonic sounding?

kind regards

Hi Sl@jaR.

My application is as the DJ for a dance club where we do partner dancing. It could be for swing, jive, salsa, rock & roll, etc. With a partner dance you need a definite finish at the end of each track so you can thank your partner and ask a different person to dance. Beat mixing with no gaps between tracks would be no good for this.

The requirements for the DJ program are not too difficult. But I have not yet found a program that does all we want. The program should run from a playlist, skip any silent parts of the recording and cross fade to the next track. In addition, we want it to play some tracks automatically at a faster or slower pitch than standard.

Simple programs like Winamp do not readily support pitch change. You can get add-ons to change pitch, but not for individual tracks. Other programs like Mixmeister can do what we want, but are quite difficult to use.

I think there is quite a big market for a program that will do what I am looking for.

Best regards, tenbob0

Hi tenbob0,

Many thanks for your hints. I resume:

  1. You need a playlist including individual pitch values for each track.

  2. You need a auto dj-mode with a configurable pause between each track.

We think about an integration of your feature requests…


Hi Tobi. You’ve got it !

For the auto DJ mode we would probably use a very slight crossfade so one track fades while the other is coming in. Ideally, if the track has silence recorded at the beginning or end, the program should skip over it, so the amount of crossfade is the same for every track.

Another good thing would be the ability to drag and drop files out of iTunes to play in UltraMixer. Maybe this feature exists already.

Thanks for your interest, tenbob0