viewing m3u playlists in file archive


Just bought Ultramixer Basic recently and am very very happy indeed with it. :slight_smile:

Couple of questions though, one of which is:

Is there any way that each of my m3u playlists (~400) can be listed in the file tree of the File Archive window for easy previewing of their content in the adjascent window?

At the moment in order to preview the content in any given m3u file in the file archive I need to

  • right click on the directory folder containing my playlists,
  • select the ‘add file’ option and
  • select and open the m3u file to view the contents.

If I could scroll through my playlists individually in the file tree and view their associated contents in the adjascent window (as in music players such as mediamonkey) browsing would be so much easier.

Thanks in advance.