Video Streaming

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Video streaming is video that is being played as it is being received by a user’s computer because the file is being played as it is being downloaded to your computer, it allows you to watch it in real-time with virtually do not wait. The file is not “downloaded” in the traditional sense that in the end there is a video file on your computer. Rather, it is downloaded to a temporary Internet file that is automatically deleted when the file is no longer in use. Another type of video streaming is a “multicast” stream. In a multicast stream one source of video information is sent to a computer router where it is copied and sent out to all computers on that particular network. This way every computer on the network has its own copy of the data and they don’t have to depend on the system resources of the other computers. This method does however, require addition bandwidth as well as processing power from the computer that is encoding and sending out the video information.

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