Version 3 for Linux?

Where is Ultramixer 3 for Linux?
As sound is now working again in KDE4, I want to look again into Ultraxmixer , but I won’t continue if the Linux version is on a dead path again.


currently we’ve delayed Linux support until we are able to deliver the same comercial grade as for Windows and MacOSX. Currently, Linux lacks a professional installer system (not distribution specific) and rock solid audio interface APIs (not changing in every version).
Therefore, we are still distiguishing possibilities to make UltraMixer 3.0 a very good experience on every plattform we support.


Sorry, but that answers nothing :frowning:

So, will you release Ultra Mixer 3 for Linux in the near future or not ?

The way I read your answer is that UM3 for Linux is completely on halt until the Linux community magically figures out how to settle on audio support between distros. So basically you’re saying that Linux support is over ?!

Just support one or two typical distros such as certain Fedora or Ubuntu releases.

Of cause, there is no magical thing happen. We need to figure out a good way for our software. We are working on this constantly, but we need a sufficient solution for all purposes. We can not set a release date since we are not sure how to achieve the same performance as on Windows/MacOSX under Linux right now.

I know this is not a good answer but it would not be a solution to stick to Ubuntu or Fedora.

Hhm, I guess we’ll have to live with that.

It’s quite strange since I get better audio performance using UM2 under Linux than I do with Windows (using ASIO).

well, this is not really/only audio performance. It’s mainly UI-Performance :wink:

Windows is far too bloated and uncomfortably unreliable for live DJing.

But here’s the thing, bog standard Linux isn’t ideal either, since most distros don’t use a real time kernel, meaning they let other processes interfere with your audio processes.

So the point is, please ignore Linux in general and only support distros that can actually handle professional audio environments smoothly. I doubt any of us actually care what distro UltraMixer runs on as long as it works, we just don’t want to run it on Windows.

Ubuntu Studio is the most popular real time kernel among audio geeks and professionals, and it runs UltraMixer 2 like a dream -

Please give us the same for UltraMixer 3.

please release version 3 for Linux.

Audioscience ASI5020 no support OSX.
and I don’t want to run on Windown.


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Mmmmm too bad… I was thinking of buying UltraMixer 3 for linux but I see support is stop.

I hope you guys find a way to make it the way you want it to be, but is JAVA really that fast?.

I don’t understand why you guys say the GUI is slow on linux where I find it faster than windows in many ways… I use both GNOME and KDE4, you can now even use the video card to accelerate stuff.

BTW, Mandriva & Mageia linux also have real time kernels. just install kernel-rt