Using headphones to monitor next song

Would it be possible to have an audio set-up option to allow mono outputs to the left and right channels? You could then assign one channel as the “main” output that your audience would hear and the other would be assigned to “headphones” that only you would hear when the monitor button is active. This way you could accurately cue the upcoming song on the next deck and would eliminate a need for a second sound card. Most DJ situations benefit from mono sound output due to wide speaker placements (and typically noisy environment).
Thank you!

I definately agree

You both telling me, that you present your audience Mono sound? That means you will have half of the real music. This sounds quite awkward.
Actually, you can do this with a bit tweking right now as well. just use the PAN-Control. Move it on the left fully to the left and on the right move it fully to the right.

You CAN use headphones to monitor the next song if you get a cheap USB audio interface. The main reason i’m going with UltraMixer is precisely because it supports multiple audio interfaces. You can preview a song in an inexpensive USB interface, while sending the main output through separately. No other mixing software i’ve found does this. Torq and Traktor will only let you preview through 4 channel interfaces, which are more expensive and bulky.

Spend $20 and get a Griffin imic or something, and that’ll be your headphone jack to monitor the next song.

I have been using ultramixer pro for about 3 years now & use a small usb 5.1 sound card for cueing up & it works perfect every time through its own channel in ultramixer audio preferences.
ultramixer has got to be the best dj soft ware on the market for its ease of use with out all the fancy addon bits that serve no perpose in digital djing like many others.
Ultramixer pro is the best.

The first two posters are talking about combining the left and right program outputs and the left and right cue outputs to mono. Then the program mono output is assigned to the computer left output and the cue mono output is assigned to the computer right output. Then you don’t need an additional or 5.1 sound card. In may situations mono operation is preferred because of speaker placement.