Unable to use monitor


I’m using ultramixer 2.1.3 free license, and I have one built in soundcard, aswell as one USB-card with my headphones plugged in.
Reading several other posts convince me that I should be able to, by using the monitor button, pre-listen to one song as I’m playing another to the speakers…

Now here comes my problem:
Player1: Built-in soundcard
Monitor1: USB-card

Player2: Built-in soundcard
Monitor2: USB-card

I still cannot pre-listen to any song played, using the “MON”-button or not. It seems that the program totally skips the button.

let’s say I play two songs, one in each player, no matter the MON-button is activated or not, ultramixer still plays everything out to my main speakers.

If I change Player2 to use USB-card, everything played in player2 will be outputted to my usb-card, no matter what.

Any ideas =)?

[EDIT]: Er… nvm =) I found the MON-volume controller… I thought it was the same as the main-volume controller… well, thanks for a great program! :slight_smile:

Happy Mixing :slight_smile: