UM should refresh song data


Just had some fairly significant problems at a gig due to this. I initially ripped a clients music from CD 1. During rehearsal it was noted that rip was bad for 2 tracks. These tracks were ripped again from CD 2, the old tracks deleted and the new ones renamed to the same name as the first tracks.

The problem was that the tracks on CD 1 had been edited / cut at a particular time (e.g. fade out at 3.09) but the tracks on CD 2 had not been edited. When I loaded the song ripped from CD 2 into the play list the length of the song was displayed as 3.09 but the track was actually much longer (un-edited) and played longer than expected.

I’m guessing I’d need to remove the tracks from the library (which I’m not using) then reload them, but just thought I’d make this suggestion.


You’ll have to turn off the caching in the filearchive (look at the preferences) before adding new (old) files…

ohhhh… thanks! :slight_smile: