UM presets for MOOORE DJ hardware

Hello there, I’m a newbie, so don’t punish me) BTW, I’m russian, sorry for my english ^^
I work in a musical instruments store, and we’ve got a pretty large number of new-age DJ controllers, like Traktor Kontrol Z1, Numark Mixtrack Edge, different kinds of Vestax and Pioneer.
And, I guess, that’s a pity, the minor part of this stuff is supported by UM.
There’s no problem to write an XML preset for any controller, which you have in your hands, and we here, in our store, can touch anything (of course, only to show our customers, how cool is it :smiley: ).
And I have a plenty of free time after the working day is over, so I could write additional presets for UM.
The only problem is: what’s the format for your XML?
I’ve found on this forum some information about it’s contents, but I’d love to work with prooffed information.
I’m ready to write presets on any hardware we’ve got here, so just give me the info!
So, people, how do you think: do you need UM to support more than 2 dozens of pretty unpopular or low-quality (I mean Behringer) controllers, and to start working on really cool devices?
UM-Team, I’m waiting for the answer.
Remember, that’s free for you, I’m just a mad enthusiast ^

Hi Ampbll,

yes, it would be great to see user mappings for additional dj controller. Since UltraMixer 4.1 (current version is beta 16) it’s possible to map your own controller. you’ll find a tutorial here: … ish-v3.pdf)