UM on MAC freezes HELP

[b:fee3d]HELP HELP HELP [/b:fee3d]Has anyone had a situation where UM freezes and you have to FORCE QUIT the application and relaunch to restart?

I’ve had this happen to me 3 times one week - twice while practicing and once at a gig last night - rather embarrasing to say the least.

Luckily I’m using the Beringer BCD3000 controller and was able to quickly lauch the TRAKTER LE software that came with the controller and finished my night with that.

I think I know what caused my freeze - it occurred when I tried loading a [b:ccd84].wav[/b:ccd84] type song - shouldn’t the program return an invalid file type or something like that instead of freezing???

BTW - I noticed that on the post it indicates that I’m using the demo version and I’m not - I’m using the latest professional version for MAC.

Dear toobe_ent,

well there is no difference between the Professional Demo and the Professional version itself, it just runs longer.

Could you please the the wrong wav file to us?