UM is freezing

When I play songs from I-tunes I have sometimes problems. At the end of the song
(last seconds) de hole UM is freezing. I can do really nothing (about 3-5
seconds). It’s not always but verry regulary. What can I do?

I had contact with Lutz Fährmann from the support on thursday13 juni 2013. No result.

Yesterday I had a party to play, again the same problem with I-tunes music!!!
Please respond.

Which version of do you use? Latest 4.0.2?

I have 3.2.0

Yesterday on a birthdayparty, playing Thrift Shop/Macklemore music from i-Tunes. At the end of this song, again, UM 3.2.0 is freezing for 5 seconds! You can do nothing! Luckily, I started already an other song, so the music was still continuous.
But this is scary!

I have the same problem on my other laptop with UM 3.
What’s wrong?