UM - Hercules DJ Console - Gigaport AG

Before buying a Prof. version I’m testing my hardware.

I’m running on a Win 2000 notebook, the software UM Prof. DEMO v.
The multichannel soundcard Gigaport AG works fine in ASIO mode (8 channels). (USB connected)
I’ve installed the drivers for the Hercules DJ Console (USB connected). In UM I can select it as MIDI device, so UM recognises it.
The only thing I can do with the DJ Console is to use the cursor pointer. No other things work (sliders, scratch pad, lamps, …).

Any idea what I’m doing wrong ?

Kind regards.

What is the actual problem? ASIO or Midi?
As far as I can see there is no problem with ASIO on your side so I just go for MIDI. When you go to preferences did UltraMixer show up with a green “Hercules DJ”? In case it is not green please use the Option “manual selection”.

Hello again,
I shows green, and I can select it. UM recognises it as DJ Console MK1, what I think is correct.
But I can’t control UM with the DJ Console, no lamps, no commands.
I can’t start a track, stop a track, … nothing …

Which hercules DJ console do you have?

  1. Hercules DJ Console (also known as MK1) (with soundcard)
  2. Hercules DJ Console MP3 (without soundcard)
  3. Hercules DJ Console MK2 (with soundcard)

If it’s other than MK1, then please go to manual selection and select the appropriate mapping.

It’s an MK1, just like UM gives.
It’s the version called ‘DJ Console’ with the surround soundcard.

Hello bsupport,

what’s the version of Hercules driver?

The newest I could find on the site of Hercules ( … =143&cid=1) for Win 2000 :

Bulk Driver Version
ASIO Driver Version
Firmware Version 35
Control Panel Version

hhm, there is no reason why it shouldn’t work. Maybe those win2000 drivers are not fully compliant. Unfortunately, we don’t have a win2k handy for testing purposes. Maybe someone else can test this behaviour?

Everything seems normal for me also, but it doesn’t work.

The DJ Console worked on another computer, so this works (with the DJ software from Hercules, but I don’t like it).
I’ve already changed the setting from the console from normal to DJ (and vice versa).
I’ve changed the console from USB port.
I’ve changed in UM the MIDI setting from the recognized DJ Console (automatic, so UM sees the console) to manual recognition (and vice versa).
The only thing that I can do (when I toggle the setting ‘cursor support’ in the DJ Console) is to move the pointer and use it as mouse. So there is connection between the console and the computer.

Somebody other ideas or tests that I can do ?

I just contacted Hercules, maybe they have an idea what’s going on over there.

I’m having the same problem
I can use the DJ Console Mouse and the sound cards in it
but I can’t use anything else, Ultramixer identifies it with a green Marker besides it (connected)
so it’s like this : DJ Console MK1 Connected

but I can’t do anything with it :frowning:
it there any specific driver version that works with Ultramixer 2?

could you also please send your log files to our support team?