UM groups in filearchive

When I’m using UM 3 with skin UM3.0 pro on my laptop (1200x800) I can see max 11 groups in the file archive before I have to scroll down (2-playlists view). No problem for that but 4 of them are groups from UM; search results, played tracks, structured and unsorted. They use 35% of the available space in these skin/screen resolution. These groups are always at the top of the file archive. From these UM groups I use maybe search result and played tracks one time on the evening. The other groups I use rarely. I think the own created groups are more used than the UM groups.

It would be nice if these UM groups can be collapsed (+) into 1 group , so they use less space on the file archive or if you can select into the preferences the groups you would like to see into the file archive and the place (always on top/bottom), or maybe a combination of these 2 suggestions, so everybody can set his own view of the file archive.


Thanks Patrick for your suggestion. We will think about it.