UM for disabled people

I’m working in a house for mentally disabled people. It’s their home and they live here. They are about 30 people here. So when it’s birthdays (all from 3 month grouped in one party) or pleasant events like Christmas and so, a colleague becomes the dj for the night.
That’s why we decided to switch to software djaying and buy a special therefore dedicated laptop. To minimize the costs (we are non profit !) and follow our guideline using Linux, i choosed Ubuntu Studio (most of our other pc runs Ubuntu).
Using Mixxx and other free dj software didn’t convince me so i needed time (money ! money !) to decide my boss to pay for good stuff. And here i’m back after having a look at UM from time to time since 2006 when i subscribed to translate and beta test.
But i confess that since 2006, my target was to get UM on a laptop… :wink:

Dear brunod,

How can we help you?

What is your native language? Would you translate UltraMixer?