UM File Archive

My problem is the File Archive and Search functions of UM. Anyone who have used the Alcatech BPM studio will understand this. I’m trying to get some help. :laughing:

Hey, how can we help you? What are you missing for?

When I type an alphabet in the File Archive nothing happens in UM, but in BPM it immediately change to the artiste with the same alphabet.The other problem is the Artist are in alphabetical order in the File Archive but the titles are not. In my opinion if these two can be updated, 8) than UM will be the best DJ software in the world.

Ok, I see you are missing the feature that’s called “Live-Search”. This is disabled by default in UltraMixer but you can enable it :slight_smile:
To enable it start up Preferences go to “Appearance” and click on “enable Live Search”.

The second one is quite easy. In order to sort Artist click on the artist column. If you need to sort titles click on the column title. Keep in mind that those sortings are cascading so that you can do both sortings sequentially.

Hi, Thanks for the quick reply. Live search is on and it still does not work. Let me give you an example to my second question. If I have Elton John as Artiste than all the songs of Elton John should be in alphabetical order, and this is not so in UM. Most DJ software have the songs of each artiste in alphabetical order except UM. Just check the Alcatech BPM Studio and you will understand what I’m talking about. I have tested more than 10 DJ software and I own Alcatech BPM Studio Pro, Virtual DJ Pro and UM Pro.