UM 4.0.4. crash when analyzing tracks

Just installed 4.0.4 and made a total reload of my tacks. When analyzing the tracks UM crashes. It is just over 5000 tracks and I have tried four times. Now I have uninstalled 4.0.4. and installed 4.0.3 and that works without any problems. UM runs on a Win. 7 sp1. 64 bit.

Can anyone help?


which operating system do you use? Could you tell us the title where it “crashes”? Maybe it’s better you contact us directly at

could you please test UM 4.0.5 RC1? We have optimized something in the AudioEngine.

Yes sunday

Now I have tried UM 4.0.4 on Win7 pro, SP1, 64 bit and UM 4.0.5 RC-1 on Win7 pro, SP1, 32 bit - same result UM analyzes until 92 - 99% and then fails with the same error exception_uncaught_cxx_exception…
When I choose yes the program tryes to make a dump file but it can’t until UM is closed . Where to can I send the dump file?


Could you please run Musicchecker with your files to identify the problemtic file?

I’m not sure what you mean by “Musicchecker”


in UltraMixer settings Additional/Misc you will find “Start MusicChecker”. This supporting tool an be used to find broken files and even play back problems.