ultramixer - ubuntu - hercules console mks

I am interested to buy a basic version of ultramixer, but i would be sure that my hercules dj console work. My console is ready to work, with other software for mix work (mixxx), but ultramixer write “any midi device connected”.
I would know if my console no work because in the free trial version that function is disabilited or because there are some other problems.
Thank you for all answer… and sorry for my bad english!!!

did you install the latest Hercules drivers? They pretty envolved over the last 6 months :slight_smile: We have several systems running perfectly with those new drivers.

You will find those here: ts.hercules.com/eng/index.php?pg … =177&cid=1


i have installed that drivers and the console work. Crossfader is ok, hi, medium and low, time, all ok. Now i don’t understand how use heardphones for pre.listening and i dont understand because the music exit from the pc and no work from the audio exit of the console…

Hello excuse me for my english i’m french.

I’ve got the hercules DJ control MP3 and when i m working ultramixer DJ free, in the preference i don’t see it.

in the section midi controller it’s write : use no midi device

Why ?

i’m I have already installed

  • /Hercules_DJSeries_Linux/Control Panel/hdjcpl_1.09-1_i386.deb

  • /Hercules_DJSeries_Linux/kernel module/hdjmod-dkms_1.28_all.deb

I’m working with ubuntu 9.04

Thank you for help me

UltraMixer Free Edition doesn’t allow external Midi devices see features: ultramixer.com/index.php?cn=prod … 3=features

ok i don’t see excuse me

And with the version pro start demo ?

jep, it works with the pro demo.