Ultramixer pro :(

Well I upgraded from ultramixer basic to pro , also upgraded to version 2.4.
I did a gig last night , oh dear :frowning: , the software worked fine for 2 hours ( using with a denon HC-4500) , then it crashed , luckily I had a CD backup player , I re-booted the PC , everything was fine , then it crashed again after 15 minutes , after another re-boot it crashed almost every other song , I had to go back to another software playout system , I never had this problem with the earlier basic version.
Its a great piece of software , but un-usable if it keeps doing this…
PC spec
Seperon LE1200
3gig ram
Win XP pro ( cut down )
500g SATA disk


You’re lucky. You got it to work. MAC 2.4 does nothing.

Dear Daryll,

do you still have the logfiles of the crash? Could you please send them to our support team: ultramixer.com/contact.html


@ HotRodJohnny: Could you describe the problem on your mac?

@ HotRodJohnny: Could you describe the problem on your mac?
I have in Bug Reporting. And you have an email.

Panic over :smiley:
Traced this fault to a bad Power supply to motherboard connection
Tried the set up last night , all night without a glitch.
apart from the usual track dropping , the thing is , when a track as “disappeared” from either deck 1 or 2 , on the archive list . it is still in the " never " selected state .not light grey or red if its the next track , I really would like to stop the tracks from going AWOL.