ultramixer for EEEPC

I would like to put ultramixer on an ASUS EEEPC. The screen resolution is 800x480. Are you going to do a skin at this size? What happens if the screen is less than the resolution of the skin?

Hello kartist,

are you sure it’s 800x480 ? I tough it’s 800x600. Actually, we’ve been thinking about supporting this resolution lately. Unfortunately, it’s not yet supported.

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The 7 inch screen is 800x480.
Asus has just announced a new version with a 9 inch screen and resolution of 1024x600.
I guess these are the 2 possibilities.

I’m just testing Ultramixer on my EEEPC - the resolution of teh 7"-Display is one problem. The much bigger problem seems to be that the processor performance of the eepc is not enough for using Ultramixer without dropouts. Maybe it will work better with more RAM.

Hello francearno,

sure RAM is always a good idea. Unfortunately, I haven’t had an EEE here in my hands so, I couldn’t test it on this tiny cool device. Actually, it should work when I look through the specifications.

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Hello all,

I’ve also bought an EEEPC to use it for my private parties.

francearno, can you please explain how you installed it on your eeepc ?
Do you still have performance problems ?

800x480 resolution is really a big problem ?

Many thanks for your help,