Ultramixer & dj consoles

Hi All does or will Ultramixer work with dj consoles i.e Pcdj, Final Scratch or even Hecules (what i mean by that is) hands free dj’ing instead of using Ultramixer, use the console and load the mp3’s,cd’s whatever into Ultramixer and cue-up, scratch, whatever with the console? if not will the function be included in the future as Ultamixer is the next thing to sliced bread for dj’s using Linux as everything i’ve played with or even had a look of hasnt even been up to Ultramixer’s Standards, If the function is included in the software how do you set it up? :laughing: as all i can see is a midi section in the settings and it’s grayed out.

Ultramixer supports the Hercules DJ Console on windows and mac. Unfortunatly hercules doesn’t support the console on linux systems, but some guys have find a way to do this (latest Linux Kernel…) Maybe other ultramixer users can help you…

some guys have find a way to do this (latest Linux Kernel…)

Can you provide a link to the guys who have found the way? If I can get my Hercules console working, I can finally cut loose from Windows once and for all…


some hints where priovided on [url:49463]http://www.openjay.org[/url:49463]. Unfortunately, this site is currently down.