UltraMixer 4.0.0 beta8 available

UltraMixer 4 beta8 is available for testing.

ultramixer.com/download.html" target="_blank


  • intelligent groups in FileArchive
  • new subgroup “album” in structured group “artist”
  • youtube search
  • previous/next buttons in ID3 tag dialog
  • export function to save music from FileArchive to storage devices
  • sortable groups in FileArchive

sadly no broadcasting and microphone functions yet :confused:

this is not correct.
Broadcasting and Microphone support is available since the very first UltraMixer 4.0 beta version. Maybe it is a bit hidden :slight_smile:

Go to Master / Record --> select Streaming. There you’ll find Mixlr, Shoutcast and Icecast support.

Will there be support for iTunes playlistfolders in the future?

This is also already possible :wink:
Actually it is already integrated in UltraMixer 3. Click on “+” and select “add iTunes playlist”.

Sorry, but I mean playlistfolders


Hey elodeweges,

ok I see. Actually the folderlists are supported and are shown inside the list in UltraMixer but it’s not nicely foldered. We can take a look at that, maybe we can have a folder tree in the import windows. Until that you can just look for the folder name and import that.


Would be very nice!

When will the official Ultramixer 4 come out? I have version 3.0 Pro at the moment but really want to use the special fx features on a big party in october. What can I do? :confused:

Was ist der Unterschied der Versionen ultramixer 4.0 RC2 und ultramixer VJ 4.0 RC2 ?
What is the differens between ultramixer 4.0 RC2 und ultramixer VJ 4.0 RC2 ?

VJ stands for Video Jockey (like DJ)…feel free the upcoming video version of UltraMixer…mix Videos, show live text, slide shows and more…