UltraMixer 2.3.8 RC12 prerelease available

UltraMixer 2.3.8 is available for downloas in version RC12 which is a prerelease (Release Candidate /RC) of the upcoming UltraMixer 2.3.8

Contact us if you habe problems with this version.

UltraMixer 2.3.8 (in beta stage RC12)

  • new: option to collapse and expand all groups in FileArchive
  • new: optimized database: automatic defragmentation (lower size)
  • new: optimized database: speed increasement on reading FileArchive groups on startup
  • new: function “Spread group on playlists equally” uses sort order of FileArchive table
  • new: sync buttons to synchronize speed slider by bpm values
  • new: limit full text search to the keyword by using quotes around keyword

changed: optimized mac-like behaviour in Mac OSX

changed: if you remove a track which is loaded in player from the playlist, the track will be removed from player now

changed: Midi: turn off led lights of the Numark Total Control when quitting UltraMixer

  • fixed: shortcut F1 for quick search does not work when filearchive tree is focued
  • fixed: Mac: M-Audio xponent is not recognized automatically as “connected” in Mac OSX
  • fixed: UltraMixer crashs sometimes when changing skin under Mac OSX 10.5.7 => fixed with Mac OSX 10.5.8
  • fixed: track can’t be loaded when pressing framesearch button in an empty player and loading a new track
  • fixed: preview player: it’s not possible to seek to the end of a track when the previous track is shorther than the previewing track
  • fixed: Master: volume and gain value are not saved when quitting UltraMixer
  • fixed: filter in FileArchive doesn’t work correctly when pressing the enter key in filter mode
  • fixed: Mac: after installing the latest java update the displays are hidden
  • fixed: Mac: function show/hide Dock doesn’t work
  • fixed: database is growing when removing and adding the same files again
  • fixed: missing scrollbars when importing itunes playlists
  • fixed: wrong track numbers when removing tracks from playlist
  • fixed: view of multiple search results
  • fixed: 3 letter track numbers are cutted in display
  • fixed: sometings bluetooth devices block UltraMixer on startup
  • fixed: Sampler doesn’t work correctly when changing sample slots or banks during program execution
  • fixed: Midi: the timestretcher is not resetted correctly when using joghweels
  • fixed: FileArchive: columns are not sortable when shown on second position
  • fixed: next track-button jumps between 1st and 2th track

I am downloading the version for ultra mixer but error is occuring.

Please download the current UltraMixer 2.4.4 or UltraMixer 3