Ultramixer swimming and bad BPM counting problems


Thanks 4 all people involved in programming of this great software! Very nice and usefull tool!

Little information:
[b:90a19]Hardware:[/b:90a19] IBM ThinkPad T43, Pentium Centrino 1.83GHz Dothan 2MB Cache, 1.5GB RAM, Radeon 64MB on board, Audigy 2ZS Notebook Audio Card, NO MIDI, NO DJ CONTROLLER
[b:90a19]Software:[/b:90a19] Ubuntu 9.04, GNOME, COMPIZ effects is off, Emerald OSX skin installed, SUN JAVA 6-jre, gij 4.3.3-5ubuntu4
[b:90a19]Sound System:[/b:90a19] ALSA + oss wraper, JACK turned off

[b:90a19]Ultramixer:[/b:90a19] PRO in demo mode
[b:90a19]1.[/b:90a19] CPU load level on sys monitor is 100%, JAVA eating 80/90% of CPU.
[b:90a19]2.[/b:90a19] Tracks swimming under playing. Mixing is not possible without realtime pitch correction. Tested source files are mp3s 320kbit get from BEATPORT with one and stable value of tempo.
[b:90a19]3.[/b:90a19] BPM counter show bad value (very high mode). Tested on BEATPORT mp3s, original tempo is 128 BPM, counter show 10 BPMs more than original or half (original+10/2). All tracks are properly mastered, dynamics is on hi level, mix is clean… no distortions, mid-level of signal (RMS) is on acceptable edge (overall loudness of track is not unacceptable high), attack of bass drum is clean and easy to hear (no dark Roland 808 bass drum).

[b:90a19]1.[/b:90a19] Why equalizer block knobs are in following order: HI - MID - LOW?
All mixers without some NUMARKs models have inverted order (like GEMINI KL-10, DENON DN-X100) LOW - MID - HI. If somebody use MIDI CONTROLLER order is not important, but in my opinion more usefull is… be close to standards. Is not a bug…
[b:90a19]2.[/b:90a19] Is possible to make skins for SXGA+ screens 1400 x 1050?

Sorry for my broken english :wink:

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Dear sickman,

before we go further to your other questions, just let’s solve your hi cpu-level caused from Java and your bad noise by playing files in UM. - I think booth problems are troubled by the same issue. My idea is, that your Java-Sun version is a really old one, could you please update to a new one, such like v1.6 rev13 or v1.6 rev14.
If you had done so, please tell me.


Hi sickman,

Welcome to the UltraMixer community!

Concerning your hints and questions:

  1. the default cpu usage should be 0-10% I suppose a graphic problem under your linux -maybe missing hardware acceleration. Please update your java jre to 1.6.0 rev10 at least or higher

  2. The playback of the mp3s should be normally correct - no swimming. If your tracks are not synchronisized beat-in-beat, the problem is, that you can’t press play and both players stay in sync - only if you press play at the same time. Otherwise you have to synchronize both players manually with the help of the pitch fader

  3. Do you mean the online (real time) bpm counter or the high-accuracy offline bpm counter? 'Could you please send us such a file?

  4. Maybe we change the eq order in one of the future skins…

  5. Currently there is no skin for a resolution of 1400x1050. But there are good news: The upcoming UltraMixer 2.5 will be fully resizable…to you can show UltraMixer in fullscreen with only one skin in all resolutions.

Happy Mixing,

Tobi, thanks for usefull information and questions.

  1. Java is properly installed, latest version. I can’t explain everything in details but acceleration is turn on… all GL tests show high framerate level, other applications works properly, cpu usage level is low in other java apps… When Ultramixer is stopped, tracklist is empty cpu usage is 70-90%
  2. I start my dj career in 1992… i spin on vinyl decks (technics/reloop/omnitronic/gemini/numark) and cdplayers (pioneer and others) i know all about smooth mixing and other techniques. Swimming is not effect of my low mixin skills, playing is not stable, synchronization is proper for 5-10s and right deck up tempo approx 0,5/0,7 bpm… after some time slowing… and go up again. I buy my mp3s on beatport, only original tracks, no defects in files, bpm stable. 2 the same tracks, on the same tempo can’t play together (synced)… bpm counter show 138 bpm on left deck when original track on pitch 0 is 128… right deck with the same track on 0 pitch show 139 bpm
  3. BPM Analysis - ultra high
  4. good idea :slight_smile:
  5. cool!

DOOO SOMETHINNNNN… i want buy Ultramixer and work on my Ubuntu (9.04) :slight_smile:

Huge greetzzz!