Translator wanted!

Help the UltraMixer community! We are looking for people who translate UltraMixer in their mother tonque! All languages (e.g. italien, dutch, russian, chinese, …)

Please contact us!

ich bin bereit mein bestens zu geben und das ganze auf bulgarish zu ubersetzen .Falls jemand in teresiert ist .
Wenn ihr Programm so gut ist wie sie auf der Webseite aussihet wird mich das wahnsinig freuen aber ich weiss überhaupt nich worin diese Übersertzung besteht und wie soll ich das ganze machen . :question: Übrigens mein e-mail ist

Hi! I’m Italian. I could translate in my language, but I don’t know where to write! :confused:

Kan ik een handje helpen in het nederlands? - I Would like to help for the Dutch translation.
Tokapi74 @

Hi Tokapi,

We have sent you an e-mail…


I’d like to help hungarian language.

steve2 (at) citromail . hu

Ok, I can translate it in French - en français :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I can translate the UltraMixer to Portuguese (Brazil). My mail is

I submitted the Portuguse translation for the UltraMixer. I would like to see this translation in the website soon as possible.

Are you still looking for translators? If you do, I will gladly translate your software to Hebrew.

Please drop me a line to

Do you intend to provide a linux LiveCD of your program? I think it could be great with a USB HD driver for external MP3’s.


@flavius: Sure we’re still searching for translators. Check your mail…

I’d like to help :slight_smile: I’m Polish. Please give me some hints how can I be useful in this task.


I would like to help the stuff for translating the written documents into Turkish language. If you’ve still been on search for it, make me informed by e-mail.

See ya.


e-mail :

Yes! We will release the new web based translation tool with the next weeks. We’ll inform you.

Best regards,

Finnish translation needed?

Ik wil helpen wat betreft de Nederlandse vertaling. (I’m willing to help concerning the translation to the Dutch language.)

Fine product! I’ve ordered one copy, my payment goes out the door next monday.

Hi aghasee,

Thanks for that offering. Please contact our support, they will give you instructions how to translate UltraMixer into dutch. Support:


we might be able to get it done in mandarin from this end.

There is yet no other languages in ultramixer 3.
Is the translation stopped?

for dutch language i can help.

sure! please write to our support! thx!