too much delay on play


on every play (on two players) there’s always a delay between the clic (on press) and when song sounds. that’s “almost” normal, but from time to time (too much to me) there’s much time than usual.

so…how can i make those delays disappear?

aureal vortex
hda (i910)
ubuntu 7.04
java6 (also tested with java5…by the way…wich one may be better?)

forgot to say that sometimes play doesn’t work. after that, clic on cue, click on play and work again.

There are several possible reasons for that delay:

  1. Bad soundcard or driver => you should use ASIO on windows
  2. The song begins with a period of silence => set the cue point on the first basedrum.
  3. CPU usage: look at the process viewer to determine the cpu usage. UltraMixer needs 2-5% usually.
  1. maybe, but…on windows works fine, at least with other audio software…i will test ultramixer on windows and tell you.

  2. no this is not the case.

  3. this is not the case. but some time i notice too much CPU usage (~90%) and the only working software is ultramixer. there are some times that i must quit ultramixer and start it again in order to kill those extrange processes. i will take a closer look, but any way this is not the reason of the delay.

same behaviour on windows. but this point make me think that problem is ultramixer. why? cuz other audio programs works fine on windows.

on linux, could be the driver.

is there anyway to configure latency times on ubuntu?