The pitch controls are the wrong way round!

I’ve been DJing for years, and never in my life have I come across a hardware unit where you push the pitch control UP to move the pitch up! You always ALWAYS pull it towards you - ie, DOWN.

In writing this I can see why pushing it UP might be tempting to make it speed UP, etc, but it’s wrong! And is like learning to drive backwards on the wrong side of the road!

Can’t there be a toggle button to set it to “normal” DJing controls, (ie, DOWN = faster, UP = slower?)


Hi smokinfishbread (what a name…),

Yes, we know it. Many dj applications and hardware controller, turntables and cd player have pitch slider which slows down the music (or vinyl) when the slider goes up. But from the usability point-of-view, it’s irreproducible. Image the volume slider: To increase the volume, every(!) slider in soft- and hardware have to push up.

But ok, Usability means also “follow standards”. So we’ll integrate an option in the preferences in the future.