Thanks thanks thanks :)

Thanks for an excellent piece of software! It’s so easy to understand, even for me who never really got in touch with DJ-stuff!

Unfortunately I suffer some unstability in the program; suddenly it can just crash to desktop (typically when I adjusting slides), and other times I get the timeglass without any appearent reason.

… but I can’t wait for the first alpha release of this - good work guys!!

A suggestion too:

How about a new right-click option in the deck’s files lists? I mean an option which makes a sound file swap deck. This could be useful time to time …


Hi Rikard,

It’s quite conceivable but on which position the swaped file should be inserted? At the end of playlist? Don’t you like Drag’n’Drop to swap files?

Best regards,
[UltraMixer :: Frontend Developer]

omg - thanks Tobi, works like a charm!
Also, seems that the sudden crashes are reduced since I lowerd the sound cound accelleration, but I’m not sure yet, needs to be tested a bit longer.

I found an bug aswell: The tone controls seems to reset to default when I change deck by means of the fading-function, despite that the tone controls show the setting I have set. I only have to click on the preset controls again to obtain my old settings.

thanks u all the ultramix team… i’m sending u good vibes from the psylocibine land… Mexico…

this is an amazing piece of effort… keep going dude…

[b:0065e]thank u for make it posible… there’s nothign to lose… [/b:0065e]

GREETINGS PPL, c u soon to share some advantages…

(sorry for my english)…

Hey kitus,

thank you. We’ll keep going as we do since more than 3 years now :wink: