tags deleted ?

I like utramixer, it’s interface is very intuitive and it fits my needs. But before I adopts it, I have one more question.
In my collection of MP3 I have some more information stored in other tags. I’am DJ for couple dancing and I have tagged my music with dance style, (one music style can fit to multiple dance style), mood, dancer level…
The problem is when I modify tags using ultramixer, it delete all that ! Is there a way to not destroy this information ? Or store it in an other way ?

you can deactivate “tag writing” in the preferences. Since you would need this information in UltraMixer you should use a more common field like “comment” to store this information.

Is it possible for you to send us such a file (with your tags)? Please [url=http://www.ultramixer.com/contact.html:118a7]contact the support team[/url:118a7].

From my point of view the best way is to disable the writing of ID3 tags in UltraMixer. You can do this in the settings or in the ID3 edit dialog. If it’s disabled, UltraMixer stores all information in it’s database, so nothing is lost. But it does not change any ID3 tags.

I can’t see where I can attache my file on the contact form…

@Sl@jaR : I can put the information in the comment field but it does’nt give me the opportunity to sort my files.

Ok i think i can achieve this with appropriates groups in fileArchive but I don’t like this solution very much because it make me dependant of the software. and this is a paradox for a crossplatform solution :smiley:

DJ Raphael,

can you contact me I want to know how you put the Dance Style etc in de MP#tag??


Dear Danspas,

the question is a bit obsolete since UltraMIxer supports now dancing style :slight_smile: Just take a look at the newest releases.


That’s right.

But he put in the tag before you put in dance style.

Look @ my post [url:39b3d]http://www.ultramixer.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2011[/url:39b3d] for the question about it to Ultra mixer…

The problem is that ultra mixer put it in data base and I want it in The MP3Tag

thanks for replying sofar

Hi danspas,

well there is no predefinded ID3-tag for dancestyle. That’s why we decided to build our own. It’s called “ultramixer_dancestyle”. They are actually written to the ID3-Tag.

kind regards

Oke, I understand from toby also thwat I can let it write in the MP#tag. But because know a lot of mp3 are tags within the genre for the dance style I hope ther is a program where I can Say. Delete Genre en place The tyle in the rigt Tag Place.

And because I understand from the story of the starter from this topic that he Had them already in the Tag because you ask him for a example I Was wondred How He have done that.

You can edit multiple tracks or complete groups with UltraMixer at once…