sum duration update interval

Is that posible sum duration on waitlist can be update every second?

or time duration start calculate after play button clicked no mater click from player 1 or player 2.

Well, currently this is not possible. Could you please describe it a bit more in detail. Why do you want to update the sum so frequently?

for example DJ commit with advertiser to play they ads track on every 45 minute of hour (10:45, 11:45 ,12:45) etc…

when DJ drag tracks into waitlist first track and second track with cue on player 1 and player 2 and sum duration is calculated, but dj not play any track right away because they are talking,

when DJ end talking they are press play on play 1 but sum duration on waitlist is not changing…

so they don’t know what time playing track will end, they only know after player 1 has ended because sum duration time will recalculate.
but 10.45 has come before player 1 ended (for example).

for now they has to

  1. look at the clock frequenly
  2. swap display between 2 playlist and waitlist for refresh sum duration on waitlist
  3. keep drag new unuse track into waitlist while playing to get sum duration refresh

thank you for your reply