store BPM info

while playing a song, UM determines the BPM. Is it possible to store that information in the file archive. That way, next time you play a song, you know ahead of time the Tempo.
Great job.

Hi Steffen,

just right click on the displayed BPM :wink:

Happy Mixing!

Seems that UltraMixer doesn’t read the BPM/TBPM tags from flac/mp3 files. Where does UltraMixer store the BPM info? And any chance you can support using the above mentioned tags?

We are working on it. Which application do you use to store the bpm value (TBPM tag)?

I’ve made a patch that adds this to amaroK, and after doing some research I concluded that for mp3s, the tag to use was TBPM while for flac and ogg it should be BPM. For mp4 I’m not sure what the tags are called since there was already a method for setting and retrieving the bpm value.

Ok! Could you send us one of your files with TBPM tag? (mp3, ogg, flac)

UltraMixer 2.1 saves BPM value in ID3-tag (TBPM).