Status Bar?

I think it would be nice if UltraMixer were to incorporate a small “Status Bar” up somewhere near the top, where it will always be visible, and it can show CPU usage, battery level, and maybe even a digital clock. It can possibly have a few other things, but those are three things I would love to see, and always be able to see in the software. If anyone else has other things they would like to see in the status bar, please add a post!

Well, a digital clock is just integrated, not nearly at the top, but always visible.
To see the digital one, just have a click or two at the analoge one.


Great! Thanks! I never knew about that, but is there any way to make it 12-hour instead of 24-hour format?

Also, what about the battery and CPU indicator, so you think we might be able to see that in a later version?

For the 12-hour format i can give a request to the team.

CPU and battery indicators will surely need some more versions.