start time

Hello, start time is an option when little is the beginning of a list of Choson’s going to publish, we just do it thank you


How can we help ypu DJ animajay?

also need this feature
it use when want to insert Nation song to specific time.
example insert Nation song track to 18.00

best regards.

yes, UltraMixer can do it!

Please tell me how to do that, I don’t see that feature only has summation column.

may be confuse between total time and time stamp playing

I want something like this.

12:10:30 PM track1.mp3
12:13:30 PM track3.mp3
12:15:30 PM track3.mp3

18:00:30 PM nation.mp3
18:03:30 PM trackn.mp3

best regard.

You can switch the duration column in the waitlist/playlists to the actual play time by switching it in the preferences:


thak you very much.