Splashscreen is loading and then I see nothing

When I Ultramixer 3 Pro. bought It worked fine.
A few day’s ago I tried It with mixer JBSYSTEMS mix3USB, no problem at all. But a few minutes later I tried to start Ultramixer again and It wasn’t possible anymore.
The splashscreen is still loading everything but at the end everything dissapeared, Ultramixer is gone!

I’m not the only one with this problem in Belgium. Something must be wrong.

Please call our Support at tel:+44 8709 745090

Please call our Support at tel:+44 8709 745090

I had contact with the Support, this morning.
It was not so easy but finaly after a few hours it’s now ok!
There was a bug found.
The support is really good!
Thank you verry mutch!


Hi That is great, That is awesome information, i was also looking for this.