Some small issues

First of all I want to mention the general use of Ultramixer. I purchased it last year and using it professional for about 30 to 40 times. It never crashed or had problems with playback of the music files. Really stable program.

But I found a few issues when using the program (also in the new version 2.4.1):

  • When UM is started and a key is pressed, it will always show the popup of live search with the key pressed, even the option live search is not checked.
    When preferences, apply and ok is pressed, without any changes, the popup live search is disabled and will be disabled until UM is started again.

  • When there are a couple of music files in the player (a or b) and the last music file is loaded into the player (red but not playing) and the delete key is pressed, the music file is deleted, but the delete key is no working any more for other music files until UM is restarted.

  • The search forward/backwards bar is not complete filled when a music file is loaded. At the end there is still a little piece of the bar dark grey. The size of that part is changing when an other music file is loaded.

  • I know it was a feature request, but I hate it: the 12 h format of the clock and used in the played tracks date column. In Holland (and other European countries) we don’t use the 12h clock format. I was looking for to enable the 24 h clock again in the preferences menu but couldn’t find it? To make everybody happy, please create this option.
    Also the time in UM is sometimes not the system time. At this moment the time of the clock in UM: 10:18:32 and the clock in the taskbar: 12:18. (2 hours different) I think it has to do with daylight saving time. When I change the system time with -1 hour, the time in UM is also -1 hour.

I have also 1 question. Sometimes when a music file is played, the left corner of the player is yellow. I can’t figure out what that means, also because the manual is from 2.1 :wink: .

I hope you can use my feedback to make UM better.


After further testing the latest version, I couldn’t re-generate the error with the search bar (not completely filled), so this issue is not an issue for me any more.

The sorting of the played tracks with the 12 h format is not correct. The sorting is as follows:
It’s not possible to sort the list on the played time with the first played track (8:00) on top.
This issue could be solved when sorting with 24h format :wink:

Dear Patrick,

many thanks for your hints! We integrated your hints and bug reports in the new update 2.4.2 (

Best regards,

WOW, I really gone love this software more and more. It’s real nice to find out the developers listen to the wishes of the users to make this program the best DJ tool!

Many thanks!


Dear Patrick,

many thanks for your hints! We integrated your hints and bug reports in the new update 2.4.2 (

Best regards,