Some questions about playlist / drop area

First of all, many compliments for the great program!
After working with BPM studio for the last 6 years, I was looking for a new better, program and I think I found it.

But before I will purchase the program, I have a couple questions:

1- When a song is played, the color is changed, but when a played song is waiting in the player the color is red. You can’t see if the song is already played. Maybe an option could be to create a column you can choose in the playlist/filearchive which is checked / not checked instead of changing the color.

2- When a song is played and I restart the program, a new history list is created with a new date and time. The played song is marked as not played. Is it possible to change the history list to only a date , and keep in mind that a song played at 23:55, restarting the program at 00:05, because most DJ’s work at evening and night, the played song is still in that list (maybe check if the difference is 12 hours?)

3- A song is marked as played after playing 5 seconds. It would be nice if this can be set into the preferences for example 1 second or when play button is pressed. I know, this sounds really ridiculous, but I play a lot of sound files which are very short, sometimes I use only 3 seconds of a sound file (I use the program for a game).

4- When a song is dropped into a player it’s not sorted to at the top of the playlist, but just above the file which was last into the player. When song 25 was in the player the new dropped song is not visible, it’s at place 24, you have to scroll down. Maybe an option under preferences to change the behavior of the playlist?

5- The location you can drag and drop a file into the player is only into the “yellow display” area. This is very small specially when you have to act very fast. It would be nice if this is bigger, for example all the area above the playlist.

6- Options to change the location of the data files?

so far my questions,

Thanks in advance,


Hi Patrick,

welcome at this forum site! Answers to your questions:

  1. I do not right understand, what you directly mean with the different colored track, which is loaded or already played. But there is a column for the archive to show a Playcount for every song. To make this column visible, just click the small button above the archive-scrollbar at the right site of the archiv.

  2. We’ll think about optimizing the history for the played songs. At the moment you can use the playcount (see point 1) above). to reset the playcount , just click the button next right to the archive button in the bottom line of UM. In the popup menu there’s a point like “Reset Hits” or so.

  3. Well, this is not possible at the moment …

  4. Maybe, we’ll think about it.

  5. If you want files from the playlists to load, just doubleclick them, so they will be loaded.

  6. This option will come in version 2.5.