Some Experiences / Issues with UM 2.1


after my first steps with UM 2.1 here some feedback.

1a) I have previously tried UM 2.0.13. I had set it up for both decks to use the front channels, for both monitors to use the rear channels. Everything worked. Now, with UM 2.1, I don’t get this setup to work any more. I have changed nothing to my setup, neither hardware nor software. But when I go to Preferences and setup the channels accordingly, the monitors (configured to rear channel) play on both the front and the rear channel (using the monitor embedded into the archive).

I have tried to configure the decks for the rear channel for testing, but again: deck playbacks take place on both front and rear channel.

In my Preferences, I am using AutoDetect, which I think results in DirectX. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time today to go back to UM 2.0.13 to try out again, but again: It definitely worked before I updated. I am using a Terratec 7.1, Java 1.5 on Win XP SP2 (32 bit) on an Athlon 64.

Do you have any idea what is going wrong? Do you have any idea how I could debug the issue? One thing I noticed: With UM 2.0, I was offered all channels (front, rear, center) twice, once entitled “DirectX front/rear/center”, and once something like “QVE for Terratec front/rear/center”. Now, with UM 2.1, there is only the DirectX-setting available in the dop down boxes.

I probably won’t have access to the machine until Wednesday, but I appreciate your ideas and will try them out.

1b) By the way: Why can’t you explicitely assign a channel for the archive monitor?

  1. Can I use the filter with wildcards? If so - how? Example: I want to find the song “Sexbomb” using the filter when I type in “bomb”. Neither “bomb” nor “*bomb” worked.

  2. I usually use AutoDJ. Sometimes (I couldn’t yet reproduce how) the track number in the display of the deck shows “00” and the song is not removed from the deck (but from the playlist) after crossfading over to the next deck - although the song is track No 1 in the playlist. In this case, the song is not removed when chaning over (“next”) the the other deck. To resolve this, I have to double-click the song in the playlist, which updates the track number accordingly, but only works for the inactive deck (otherwise, it would restart playback on the active deck).

  3. How about the roadmap for waveform display?

  4. When I click the “yellow bar” below the deck controls (i.e., jumping to a certain point on the inactive deck), the time control is not updated. I would highly appreciate this in order to be able to jump to a certain point, e.g. with exactly 3:30 remaining.

Thank you very much in advance for your support.

Just a little update:

1a) is currrently investigated in another thread in the English-Support forum.

1a) There is a patch that solved the problem for me - it is supposed to find its way into the upcoming 2.1.3

Does anybody have any input to the other issues above?

1b) I think we’ll support this soon. Currently, the previewplayer uses the monitorsoundcard.

  1. No, it’s not possible at the moment, because the wild cards are used automatically before and after the input…

  2. Could you please specify the problem?

  3. It’s under development…

  4. We’ll check this…

Thanks for coming back to me.

  1. I try to put it into different words: I usually use AutoDJ. Sometimes it fails to load new songs from the playlists and to remove the finished song from the deck [b:954aa]and also to remove it from the playlist[/b:954aa] of that deck (all at the same time).

When this hapens, I always notice that the track number of the last song (i.e., the song that is just over and should have been removed from the deck after crossfading) has a track number of “00” in the [i:954aa]display[/i:954aa] of the deck ([b:954aa]not[/b:954aa] in the playlist).

I cannot reproduce what I am doing that causes the track to get a track number of “00”. But again, as a result, AutoDJ does not work anymore. It starts working again when I manually load a new song to the (currently inactive) deck. In this case, the track number is correctly updated again.