Hello, is het possible to make the CUE button red en the PLAY button green again ? And the text in the displays, a little bit bigger perhaps ??? Maybe some new fresh skins will do the job… :wink: Thanks!

Yes, that would be possible. I will try to create on within the next weeks.

Hello Tobi,

Did you try to create new skin ?

sorry, not yet…

Not yet, but I am sure after we’ve got 5.0.3 finished we will take care of it :slight_smile:

Okay, and when is 5.0.3 finished???

Currently, there are just small last things for the brand new operating systems like El Captan and Windows 10.

Okay i understand but can you give me a date?

Unfortunately, not. What you could do is to help us testing UltraMixer 5.0.3 :slight_smile: If you like you could apply for beta testing, then you would see what is missing for a release. Current state is that we do not miss big things, we are just testing Windows 10 and El Capitan right now.

Thanks for the new update, still miss some new skins… see my previous request…