Skin Request.

Can i download the 1440x900 skin somewhere? I have the Ultramixer 2.3.8 Home version.

Thanks in advance.


The default widescreen skins are available [url=]for the Professional version only[/url:801dc]. Sorry.

However, you can use one of the resized skins. We created a resized 1440 x 900 skin for you. You can download the file in the [url=]community section[/url:801dc]: [url=]skinUM21_home_1440x900.jar[/url:801dc].

Thanks for your help.

I have UM Home and I have tried this 1440x900 skin. But when I relaunch UM this skin is not loaded. I have to select it every time I launch UM. Is this normal behavior?

And the “knobs” do not register correctly when changed. The changed image does not line up with the default position.