shortcuts disappear


I don’t know if it’s really bug, but I have situation like this. I’m mapping key to some action. Next, I’m mapping the same key to a different action, because I changed my mind. And what happens is that the first action I assigned key to, disappears from list. I have done test by mapping the same key to all actions succesively. At the and all actions have been removed from the list. Luckily I exported earlier initial list to file. If I didn’t do that I would have to reinstall the program because I don’t know how to retrieve list of actions. I think it should behave like that. If I am assigning key to some action which was assined earlier to other action, than the previous action should have unassined state or something like that.

Please tell me if I am wrong or missed something.

Hi Danmaster,

Thanks for reporting this issue. Your’right - it’s a wrong behaviour. We have fixed the problem in the upcoming UltraMixer 2.0.11

Thanks a lot