Set Intro time for songs

Dear Developement team,

I would like to have an oppotunity to set the intro time for songs. For me as a DJ I would like to know how long the introtime per song is as I start talking and start an new song.

I can imagine a different color for the song progress bar during the intro time in the user interface (and blinking during the last 2 or 3 seconds). The intro time could be set as a timetag like the replay_gain tag, in milliseconds.

I bought Ultramixer2 Pro this weekend and I am glad I did. It’s a great application and I like it a lot!

Good luck, Jidder

Hi Jidder,

do you mean it should be an automatic option such as silence detection in advance or did you mean you want to setup positions where the song actually starts?


I mean the time where the song actually starts so the musical intro can be used to talk (as in radio shows). Your suggestion for space detection could be another option but was not what I mend.

Greetings Jidder

Hello Jidder,

well I don’t get the point :wink: Do you mean the time set by hand, an automatically generated time or do you mean the time in a automix session?


Dear Sl@jaR,

I mean a time set by hand, an intro time.
When a song is played you hear music. From the start of the song the indicator has the color green.
When the artist starts singing at 11 seconds the indicator will start blinking at nine seconds and will return to the brown color at 11 seconds.
This way a DJ has an optical reference when an artist will start singing. I would like to set this intro time in a tag. Just like the ReplayGain tag.


It sounds great.

For the moment you can use the cue points to mark special points in the song. These markers you can see painted on the search bar after loading a track.

To set a cue point press right mouse button on cue button…

Will cue points be stored in a song? Or is it only stored during a session?

Regards Jidder

UltraMixer can save up to 6 cue points permanently. They are avaible yet after restarting UltraMixer.

In radio, we call this “Hitting the post”. It’s long lived technique and acquired skill/talent. Now a days, stations will actually set DJ policy whether they are allowed to hit the post or not. Long story, but it comes down to the PD’s (program director’s) stance on the subject. Some think it’s an antiquated technique that gives the listeners that “too much talk” feeling. I personally choose to hit the post simply because it’s an art form of broadcasting that my mentors and broadcast college instructors instilled in me.

To the original poster: try to do it naturally by knowing your music list and you’ll find that “sweet spot” every time. Finish your intro pre sell no more than one bar/ 4 beats before VOX kick in. As a side note, most DJ music already come with the intro time, duration and BPM already labelled. You can also edit your mp3 tags to manually add this data as you go along. Doing it all at once that way is just insane!

Hope my input helped! 8)

Will cue points be stored in a song? Or is it only stored during a session?