Scheduler (options) for radio broadcast

Hello, you’re only making a few options Scheduler, as the date and time programming on the air Radio thanks :laughing:

How would you like to see the Scheduler working?
Entirely playback of music or scheduling playback of Samples?
Could you please describe your use case a bit more in detail?


pub planning time signal etc thanks


thank you for the screenshot.
Unfortunately, I still don’t understand wheather you need this for Samples or for Songs?


Time and Day

Here you can specify the time and day of week when the track or playlist will be launched.

Date and Time fields - specify launch date and time

Use date – if this is marked, the track will be launched only at the date specified in the Date field. Otherwise, it will be launched on specified day(s) of week.

Week days – mark the week days that the track will be played on. This allows you to make a schedule for a whole week.

Run scheduled launch without waiting for current track to finish – if this is turned on, the track/playlist will be played at the time specified in the “Time” field, otherwise it will be queued and played after the current track is finished.

If there are tracks from the schedule in the playlist, enqueue - if the playlist contains tracks scheduled for playback, insert new entries after them (otherwise, new playback tasks will be inserted after the track being currently played)

Remove previous schedule from the playlist - remove all scheduled tracks from playlist

Add playlist in random order – if the filename field contains a playlist name, this playlist will be shuffled before inserting.

Remove previous schedule from playlist - when the task is started, all tracks scheduled earlier are removed from the playlist.

Play above the air – if this is set, the track will be played above the air. You can decrease the volume of the background music using the “music level” slider below.

Repeat every [X] minutes no more than [Y] times - the task will be launched specified number times after equal intervals. For example, options set to repeat every 15 minutes no more than 10 times, in this case the task will be executed at the scheduled time (e.g. 01:05) and then 9 times after 15 minute intervals (e.g. 01:20, 01:35, 01:50, …)