SC_TRANS support

Please consider making the Shoutcast driver compatible with the DJ login of sc_trans. There are many reasons/benefits to this, and too numerous to go into here. For many stations streaming to the net, having ONE outgoing stream and letting sc_trans do the encoding to various bit rates is a cleaner solution. Especially those stations that have servers in different parts of the world.

and, as sc_trans is technically and auto DJ, you do have the fallback of having a playlist on sc_trans to take over if you loose the remote stream.

Currently us SAM Broacaster and being forced to push muliple streams up to multiple servers is expensive, and unstable.

So consider adding a full support for sc_trans

Dear eagleone,

unfortunately, I don’t understand your request. What do you mean by “DJ login of sc_trans”. AFAIK, sc_trans is only a small tool to stream to a shoutcast server. You can do that with UltraMixer as well. There are many options to tune your connection.


SAM can send multiple streams up to shoutcast server or servers. The issue is “why send up multiple streams at all???”

So I need a mp3 stream, an aac stream and an ogg stream.

It is easiest to send up ONE stream from SAM, and let the sc_trans do the trans-coding on the “server”, and send out the three streams from there. It is more efficient, as SAM already burns up system resources on the client, and it is a waste of client bandwidth to send up multiple streams.

I have seen many many requests asking your developers to add the username field for Shoutcast 2 streams. Shoutcast 2 “requires” the username field be sent up to sc_trans separate, and only Shoutcast 1 protocal allows username:password to be sent on the password field.


I do apologize to forum members and moderators. I actually posted this in the wrong forum… sorry

Don’t worry :slight_smile: But maybe we can integrate those features in UltraMixer :slight_smile: We already spoke about it, since we missed the wrong product :wink:

Sending one stream for UltraMixer is possible and is integrated. The question here was to send multiple streams at once and using SC_Trans instead of our own sender. There are still some open issues that have been solved first from Shoutcast until we can integrate this.