Saved Playlist??????

I have saved 4 playlists…How the heck do your load them into the player?

I have had to redo the playlist manualy and just in case I saved them as well. I have also created playlist files to import but my damn lanptop keeps arranging my files alphabetically and rearanging them.


Did you load the playlist (M3U) file in the soundplayer’s playlist? You can do that with the “add” button or the context menu (right mouse click).

If you do not want sorting the playlist or filearchive table, just click on the number-column to restore the original positions…

When I right click I selected add files and to my surprise the playlist did not show up in the file location. When I save the list it is indicating the m3u extension however it does not appear to be saving with it. When I view all files the lists appear. When I add the file it just shows my playlist title as a track in the payer with 0:00 time.

I also get the message window when saving in German. I have no idea what it says ( Man I wish I knew German :laughing: ) I am assuming it is asking if I wish to replace existing file of same name.

As for the playlist I saved where the order messed me up was a file in my main music directory ( copied from main files ) for quick load. My PC reorganized the tracks in the file alphabetically.

When I restarted the software today the last playlists were automatically there ( nice 8)


Think I may have the answer to your problem. This puzzeled me for awhile also.
First create your playlist.
second save your play list, here lies the problem.
when you get to the spot to name your saved playlist , after naming your playlist add “.m3u” to the end of the playlist name. i know it shows that it is going to save it as a .m3u file \when savin before but it doesn’t. It will not save in that format untill you add the “.m3u” extension.

after you have saved your first playlist with the extension you added, every list you save after that will have the “.m3u” extension.

once you have your playlist saved, to load it you simply goto the “file” box on the player and select the file or playlist. it will show up now with the extension you added.