sample prelisten

Hi Tobi,
i have install 4.0.4 (with lic.) with denon MC 6000.
When i want to prelist the sample (headphone symbol) it is not working.
I have nothing changed in the settings.

best regards

did you route the previewplayer to a separate output signal? It’s the same previewplayer as it is in the playlists.


Hi Matthias,
the previewplayer is routed the same as the playlists. I have nothing changed. it worked with all previous versions of ultramixer.
When i prelist a sample ,the sample number stays on until I manually turn off, and i hear nothing.


Could you please try to reset the sample bank in the samplers menu?

Hi Tobi,
I have reset de sample bank in the samplers menu, but unfortunately
without result.


Just to make sure the usage of the prelisten button is clear :slight_smile:

  1. you have to secify a preview player output channel in the audio Settings. Try it with the “other” previewplayers in the FileArchive.

  2. Select the headphone symbol - no sound should be hearable

  3. Click on any sample button - the previewplayer should pop up and you should hear the sample through the previewplayer.

kind regards

Hi Tobi,
I have try al the options, but do not get a sample in de previewplayer
and there are not many options.The preview of the playlist works, and that is important.
I think I will be better to wait for the next update.


Hey Tony,

we don’t plan any updates regaring the prelisten of samples. Maybe you can send us some screenshots. Please send it to:


Hi Tobi,Matthias,
i installed ultramixer 4.0.4 on another notebook and without the denon Mc 6000 but then i have no prelist the sample(headphone symbool).The key of the corresponding sample remains on.
Still another question, when the stable version 4.1 comes out i’m thinking to buy the Pioneer DDJ-SX.Is this a good choice? I use now the Denon MC 6000.

Best regards

Hi Tony,

  1. I don’t know what you mean. You can prelisten every sample by pressing the headphone button…

  2. UltraMixer 4.1 RC15 is available for download out now. The final version is coming within the next weeks (hopefully :slight_smile:).

  3. Denon DN-MC6000 and Pioneer DDJ-SX are both very great DJ MIDI controllers! For mobile DJs the microphone section of MC6000 is better than of DDJ-SX (IMO). The pioneer is bigger. So both are a good choice :slight_smile: Maybe check out the MC6000-MKII.


Hoi Tobi,
In UM 4.1.0 RC29 the playing of the samples works again for me.